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Penn Highlands
Customized Logo Apparel

Welcome to your one-stop single source for logo apparel. To the best of our ability, Standard Pennant Co., Inc. has been able to provide you with quality decorated merchandise. One source convenience makes your ordering simple, fast and hassle- free. These products that are available would be classified as:

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Business Casual

Professional dressing that’s perfectly suited to attend a meeting, conduct a seminar or to meet a client.

Relaxed Casual

Office-appropriate attire that’s professional enough to face customers, but comfortable enough to sit in front of the computer. Golf shirts reign supreme in this area.

Dress Down Casual

Casual apparel for a labor-intensive day such as cleaning out files or organizing your area. Tees and sweats are your directions on this one.

*Please consult your hospital’s dress code regarding items that are appropriate for work attire.

Due to customization on garments all sales are final.